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‘dotolim concert series’ has been sustained by donations and admission fees since its inception in 2008. Following our experience with fund-raising for the ‘dotolimpic 2017’ festival, we are determined to develop financial independence from government and arts organizations funders.

Please support the work of dotolim; we are the only space for improvised and experimental music in Korea. From this unique position, dotolim offers its contributors an intimate venue for a vital music otherwise unavailable to listeners.

[Benefits for dotolim members]

1. Admission discounts for all events (for example, Dotolim
20,000KRW is 10,000KRW (reduced from $15 USD to $10 USD).
2. One free concert admission per year.
3. One free CD per year.
4. Discounts on all products (CD, DVD, book, etc)
5. Series souvenirs: three different colored Dotolim buttons.

[Membership Fees]

One year / $35
Three year / $99
Five year / $150
Ten year / $290
Lifetime / $3,000
[Note: $ = USD]

[How To Join dotolim]

    1. Please send membership fee by (please click ‘donate’ button)
  1. Please send the following information: your name, address, mobile phone (optional),
    by form
  2. We will check your information and reply as soon as possible.


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